What Is Blogging ?

Blog means Writing (writing about any Niche or any topic)

Blog is an Online Journal where Blogger shares its Personal, Professional Experience or Your Achievements with Virtual World.

Blog is an Online Platform where Blogger shares its Ideas, Passion, Hobby, Thoughts, Lifestyle with the world.

Note: If we want to say briefly, Blog is a Website, where Blogger updates to its Daily Life.

In order to know Blogging, we go through three new words.

BLOG: This is an online dairy.
BLOGGER: The person who updates Blog, which has a blog, is called Blogger.
BLOGGING: Blogging is a work of writing on blog.

Why should blogging?

Why should blogging? This is a very important question for anyone who wants to start their own blog or want to be a blogger. In today’s Virtual World, there has been a revolution in the usage of the Internet, that in India India is being used as an equal internet user. That is the only person who has some positive ideas, and the Internet is a medium that helps him share his ideas with the world. But some of you will definitely say why we share your Ideas, Experience or Lifestyle? But I have a strong belief that you share your Ideas, Experience or Lifestyle on the Internet through Social Media. I mean to say that you also do blogging but your method is different. A Question and What Does Social Media Pay You? But if you create your blog and share it with your Ideas, Experience or Lifestyle, then you can do some Earning too.

Some Important Things You Should Know:

1. Blogging you can do on any topic.
2. Blogging should always start with a Single Niche.
3. Always try to write Series Post.
4. In the beginning, pay more attention to traffic instead of money.
5. Of course, share on Social Media Profile for Traffic.
6. Daily Daily.

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